Common Uses of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has come a long way since its inception. It was initially designed as a durable, low-maintenance alternative to natural grass in sports fields, specifically for Houston’s Astrodome in the 1960s. 

The use of artificial grass in residential gardens has surged over the past decade. Homeowners are discovering the beauty, practicality, and long-term cost benefits of artificial lawns. These synthetic lawns provide an immaculate, green surface year-round, irrespective of weather conditions, and without the need for watering, mowing, or fertilising. This saves homeowners considerable time and effort in maintenance. Artificial grass is an excellent solution for those areas of the garden that are challenging for natural grass to grow, such as shaded areas or spaces around swimming pools.

However, as technology has evolved and the versatility of artificial grass has been realised, its applications have expanded significantly. This section will delve into the common uses of artificial grass beyond sports fields, highlighting how this innovative product has revolutionised spaces ranging from residential gardens to commercial properties.

Public parks and playgrounds are another area where artificial grass is commonly used. Here, the primary advantage is its durability and safety. High-quality artificial grass can withstand heavy foot traffic, making it ideal for busy public areas. Certain types of artificial grass come with added safety features, like cushioning to reduce the risk of injury from falls, making them a great choice for children’s play areas. Urban Turf Solutions engage Labosport to conduct testing to determine  Critical Fall Height as described in AS/NZS 4422:2016 Handbook.

Commercial properties have also seen the benefits of incorporating artificial grass into their landscapes. From office buildings to retail spaces, artificial grass offers a visually pleasing and low-maintenance alternative to natural lawns. It helps businesses present a well-maintained and attractive appearance to their customers, clients, and employees. Additionally, artificial grass is commonly used in event spaces. It provides a clean, comfortable surface for attendees to walk on, regardless of weather conditions. Urban Turf Solutions work with major event companies such as, DE Group, Brand Stand and Vivid Images. We have installed for events such as the FIFA World Cup Fan Zone, The Masters Games, Eden Park events, corporate functions and many others throughout the country

Artificial grass is popular for use in pet areas, both residential and commercial. It provides a comfortable surface for pets to play on that is resistant to wear and tear. It’s also easy to clean, reduces the occurrence of muddy paws, and eliminates the issues of pets digging holes or causing brown spots by urinating.

Apart from these outdoor uses, artificial grass is also being used more and more for indoor applications. It can transform balconies and rooftops into lush, green spaces, bringing a touch of nature to urban dwellings. It’s also used in indoor event spaces, retail establishments, and even in homes for indoor gardens, providing a unique aesthetic appeal. Urban Turf has even been used as sound insulation on rooftops.

The evolution of turf technology has led to the continual expansion of its applications. The development of different types of artificial grass to suit various purposes, including sports turf, landscaping turf, and pet-friendly turf, has increased its appeal to a wider audience. With the introduction of artificial grass products that are more environmentally friendly, the potential uses for artificial grass are expected to continue to grow in the future.

The common uses of artificial grass are vast and varied. It has made its mark in residential gardens, public parks, commercial properties, pet areas, and even indoor spaces. Its durability, safety, low maintenance, and visual appeal make it an increasingly popular choice for a multitude of applications. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see even more innovative uses for artificial grass in the years to come.