Roof-Tops & Apartments 2020-02-25T11:34:18+12:00

Urban Turf for Roof-Tops & Apartments

Apartments and Roof-tops  have been transformed using Urban Turf Solutions, which have created the most real to life turf available in New Zealand. Not only does it look the part and add value it also feels like natural grass underfoot, all without impacting on your water consumption.

Our turf lines are all made using UV stabilised yarns to create glass blades that actually feel like real grass! The backing is then applied to the weave creating a water resistant, shock resistant bond. The Urban Turf Solutions has been designed to suit today’s modern lifestyle providing a luxury surface that adds to the value of your home.

Our ranges for apartments and roof-tops need no mowing, look manicured all year round, drain and wear better than natural grass, reduce allergy triggers, reduce nuisance insects, easy to clean and child and pet friendly.