About Us

Decades of Expertise in Artificial Grass Manufacturing Across New Zealand and Australia

Our manufacturing team is comprised of individuals with generations of experience in the production of artificial grass, contributing to the excellence and reliability of our products. With a rich history spanning both New Zealand and Australia, our expertise is a testament to the superior quality we consistently deliver.

We’ve built and continue to expand an extensive network of qualified approved installers and dealers throughout New Zealand. Regardless of whether you refer to it as fake grass, artificial turf, or astroturf, our products stand out as the epitome of high-quality turf available in New Zealand.

Choose Urban Turf for Excellence in Artificial Grass Solutions

In addition to stringent tufting, finishing, and backing procedures, we recognize that the quality of the yarn is paramount for achieving optimum durability, appearance retention, and overall performance. To ensure the highest standards, URBAN TURF SOLUTIONS sources only the finest yarn globally, partnering with reputable manufacturers. This dedication to quality materials plays a crucial role in delivering products that exhibit exceptional performance characteristics.

Choosing Urban Turf means choosing a company deeply rooted in a tradition of excellence, committed to providing you with artificial grass solutions that exceed expectations. Thank you for considering Urban Turf for your turf needs. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you with our premium products and unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction.”