Urban Turf Leisure Tennis

LeisureTennis is longer pile tennis surface ideal for a residential courts and intermediate club level competition. It’s spin and grip properties are excellent for home and medium level club installations. The fibrillated and textured quality fiber offers excellent durability and requires little maintenance. Easily installed over existing court surfaces we provide colour options and work in line markings during manufacture and installation.

Urban Leisure Tennis offers great durability with the sports grade Polypropylene yarn which is made in Australia with the most advanced polymer extrusion technology.

The UV protected turf will outlast harsh weather conditions and provide a great performing medium paced playing surface.


Tufted cut pile Leisure Tennis Turf
Pile Content
100% Homo-Polymer, Polypropylene and U.V. Protected
Yarn Type 1
890 Tex, TPX, Fibrillated
Primary Backing
100% Woven Polypropylene, U.V. Protected 141 gms
Secondary Backing
Maximum Water Resistant and Ultra Bonding Strength Latex
Pile Height
Pile Length
Pile Gross Weight
845 g/m2
Secondary Coating Weight
800 g/m2
Total Weight
1786 g/m2
Shipping Weight
6.6 kg/LM
Machine Gauge
3/8” (4.76mm)
Stitch Rate Per Metre
No. Stitches/SQM
No. Pile Per SQM
Infill Material
Washed & dried silica sand
Grade (mm)
0.3mm to 1.0mm
Application rate
25kg / m2
Green, Rust, Blue, White, Yellow