Urban Turf Test Pitch

Urban Turf TestPitch is a great turf suitable for a cricket pitch, providing consistent bounce performance. The yarn is heavily UV protected and built to withstand the harsh climatic conditions. A dense but very short pile of 9mm designed specifically for cricket at every playing level. Recommended for cricket clubs, schools, council parks, indoor and outdoor centres for both main and practice wickets.

The Urban TestPitch series is a great cricket wicket surface which will provide consistent bounce performance for your club, school or private cricket team. Made with yarn which is manufactured in Australia and is heavily UV protected and built to last the distance.


Tufted cut pile Cricket pitch Turf
Pile Content
100% Homo-Polymer, Polypropylene and U.V. Protected
Yarn Type 1
890 Tex, TPX, Fibrillated
Primary Backing
100% Woven Polypropylene, U.V. Protected 141 gms
Secondary Backing
Maximum Water Resistant and Ultra Bonding Strength Latex
Pile Height
Pile Length
Pile Gross Weight
1247 g/m2
Secondary Coating Weight
Total Weight
2188 g/m2
Shipping Weight
6.83 kg/LM
Machine Gauge
3/16” (4.76mm)
Stitch Rate Per Metre
No. Stitches/SQM
No. Pile Per SQM
Infill Material
Washed & Dried Silica sand
Grade (mm)
0.3mm to 1.0mm
3.71m and 2.8m
Green, Rust, Blue, White, Yellow
This product comes with a 7 year manufacturer’s warranty protecting the consumer’s product against UV protection failure, manufacturer’s workmanship, primary and secondary backing failure, unreasonable product deterioration under normal usage circumstances. This warranty does not cover misuses, negligence, incorrect installation methods or use of non specified chemicals on the surface.